March 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

If you are anything like me, the cold weather kills your drive to look trendy. When I wake up on a cold morning, the last thing I want to do is put effort into my outfit. Honestly, the only thing I’m thinking about is coffee, when I can go back to bed and how I can stay warm and still be comfortable. Then, I get through half of the day and realize that it’s not actually that cold, and regret not looking like a normal functioning human. So, let’s all take a page out of this Fashionista’s book and brave the cold weather together!

I’ve always been a strong believer that accessories can make or break an outfit. Even the simplest look can go from a five to a 10 by throwing on a pair of sunglasses and a piece of statement jewelry. I love how this Fashionista is keeping her outfit on point, especially since gold is such a hot trend right now!

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect winter outfit for a college girl on the go! It is comfy, trendy and versatile. This outfit would be understated without her gold jewelry, but she made the look go from everyday to unique by pairing several gold necklacesbracelets and rings. She even gushed to me about how much she loved her new black Frye boots! This Fashionista is the perfect example of put together. I mean, check out her killer vest; the mix of leather and fur is so different, and it keeps her warm at the same time! Having small details like these make an outfit interesting and more exciting to wear.

So, let’s use this blog post as inspiration to do better, even though it’s cold out. There are so many ways to look stylish in the cold weather while not sacrificing your warmth. Most importantly, let’s remember to accessorize and to always stay golden!

How To: Stuck in a winter style rut? No worries, just pick out a simple outfit and throw on some gold jewelry. Make an average winter outfit stand out in the snow!