Summertime. The weather outside just keeps getting hotter and hotter every single day. We all want to have cute summer outfits, but we end up perspiring so much we can have some difficulty choosing something cute yet breathable. This Fashionista has shown that you can take a simple outfit and flip it around so it can look be stylish yet perfect for the heat. I want to focus on her necklaces; she layers them by having them gradually increase in length. They each are a statement by themselves, but together it adds a very polished effect to the whole outfit. They are all gold and follow that color scheme. The choker adds a mature feel to the outfit, along with the beauty of the gemstone and detailing of the star necklace. This gold color scheme is also portrayed in her hair where she wears these detailed pieces of hair jewelry. They are each placed towards the front of her hair to show the cohesiveness of the outfit.

The next detail that was striking was her purse. It had very beautiful colors such as pink, green, purple, etc. that showed the great details. It is handmade and adds character along with the rest of her accessories. We can see again floral being used during the summer. I  like how she finished the look with a pair of simple tan sandals. They go along with the gold theme since they add a brown-gold detail to her feet.

How To: Layering necklaces is a simple way to add character by having an overall color scheme that can be displayed in the whole outfit. Play with silver and gold to see which works best for you. Also, adding a light colored shirt helps to focus on the jewelry and you can stay cool during your RAD summer!