This Fashionista received a gold star in fashion class. Do you ever look in the mirror and think to yourself, “this outfit is missing something.” Immediately, you start to accessorize. Gold accessories add that final touch to complete an outfit.

This Fashionista is basking in the light. Her outfit looks perfectly pieced together. Can we talk about this jade-green dress? What a perfect summertime dress! It’s flowy and very flattering for any body shape. The sleeveless woven jacket thrown over is being considered as an accessory due to its intricate pattern and lack of utility. The jacket is in a cream color that really accents the warm tones of both the gold jewelry and the tones in the dress.

Now for my favorite parts: the necklaces, bracelet and shoes! The longer necklace is simple and stylish. It doesn’t overpower the rest of the outfit, but can stand its own. The shorter gold necklace combines well with the other necklace. Layering necklaces is a big accessory trend this season. The cute bracelet breaks up the outfit and adds a little pop of color. This Fashionista has metallic gold shoes on to draw your eyes down. These strappy sandals dress up a casual outfit.

Gold accessories are such a must. Not only are these accessories fashionable, but also extremely versatile. So many colors and fabrics can be complemented with gold making your outfit an A+.

How To: Start your collection! Don’t be afraid to go for gold jewelry that you like. If you see a gold necklace in a store but aren’t quite sure what you would wear it with, the answer is everything! Be on the lookout for other shoes, headbands and earrings in gold as well.