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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gold on Gold on Suede

As July rolls in and the heat rises, you may not want to pack on the accessories. Luckily this Fashionista displays trendy and comfort perfectly. Minor details in an outfit can certainly make major changes. Simple things like adding jewelry or doing something different with your hair can really add a personal touch to any outfit.

This Fashionista struts up and down streets in head-to-toe trends from her double French braids to her ever so popular Birkenstocks. If you want to beat the heat, French braids are the perfect way to go. They keep your hair up and out of your face, and they are very appealing to look at. One thing I always loved about braids was if I ever felt like taking them out, it effortlessly created an entirely different look.

Moving down to her neck is one of my favorite trends out this season, the choker. This thin, gold choker is flexible and is easily adjustable making for a quick add-on to any outfit. This Fashionista pairs the gold shine perfectly in her thin striped tank top from Forever 21.

Along her wrists sits a whole slew of Alex and Ani bracelets–the perfect conversational bangles. These are just overall great bracelets. They are simple, yet add something more to a plain outfit. The rings on her fingers really make you do a double take with how cute they are and how nicely they go with the other gold pieces.

Moving down to her suede skirt, this trend surly took off. This fabric gives off such a retro, yet modern vibe. It pairs so well with so many other garments and accessories. Then finally, keeping this style nice and cool for the summer, her Birkenstocks are one of this Fashionista’s favorite shoe option simply because of the comfort.

How To: The important thing to remember when adding accessories and different details is to keep them simple. Keeping them unique is a great way to set yourself apart. Don’t be afraid to change it up; change your hair every now and again. Change your style. There is no right or wrong to fashion.