ALL IN THE DETAILS: Going Right with Stripes

March 8th, 2016 at 2:00am

The weather we’ve been experiencing in the past few weeks is not very conducive for a Fashionista/o’s wardrobe; it’s not quite cold, but it’s not quite hot either. It’s still winter, yet one step outside will have you convinced that it’s spring. If you’re struggling to create a look that’s appropriate for the season, the key is confidence. When putting together your outfit, use pieces that you know will look good together but won’t leave you questioning your choices every time you step out the door. You can be bold, but you have to be equally brave, or it won’t have the same effect.

This Fashionista’s choice to wear a striped T-shirt worked perfectly. Any time I’m struggling to create an outfit that’s interesting and bold, I am immediately drawn to the stripes in my closet. I love to wear pieces that I can rock all day and not have to change before switching destinations; stripe ensembles are perfect because I can wear them to class, work or to go out with my friends, and my look will fit right in. A simple swing dresssweater or top is the perfect statement piece to keep in your closet. Every Fashionista/o should have at least one striped item to wear, no matter what the season is on the calendar or the weather is outside.

This Fashionista paired her striped T-shirt with a cardigan, a black skirt and a pair of sheer black tights. Her look worked for class, and she could definitely rock that exact same ensemble for a night out with her friends. Her look is cute and comfortable, and she definitely felt confident in her outfit.

How To: Have you always wanted to rock something striped but don’t know how to make it work? Make stripes the main part of your look by pairing it with solid colors. Whether you stick to classic black and white or go bold with different colors, your look will work best if you keep your styling simple.