ALL IN THE DETAILS: Going for Gold

Now that we’re into the hottest days of summer, it’s hard to find an outfit that accomplishes the goals of being cool during the day and warm during chilly summer nights all while being stylish. Because it’s so hot out, we find ourselves turning to accessories to complete our outfits rather than the usual big sweaters or knit hats like we do in the wintertime.

This Fashionista definitely knows how to finish her summertime look with some delicate gold jewelry. With her stackable bracelets on her arm and rings on her fingers she is adding the perfect amount of sparkle. My favorite accessory that this Fashionista is wearing is her gold bar necklace. Because it isn’t very big, it doesn’t draw much attention that is, until the sun hits it catching the eye of everyone around. With her initial “C”, on it, it adds a personalized touch that every look should have. This Fashionista turns to a straw hat to keep the sun out of her eyes, and goes great with her golden accessories. All of her accessories go fantastic with the red off-the-shoulder top and her dark wash jeans, an outfit perfect for any summer day.

How To: Recreating this look is super simple! Simply keep your eye out for some cool rings, any metal that you like or be daring and mix metals! Next you’ll need simple bracelets, its up to you to decide how many you want to wear. And finally, my personal favorite, you’ll need a bar necklace. These are super popular these days, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one. But if you want a personalized one, you’ll have to look a little harder.