ALL IN THE DETAILS: Going Bananas Over Bandanas

This summer was definitely the summer of trends with the A-line skirts, lace-up one pieces and bandanas, which are now just staples in everyone’s closet. When the bandana trend was first coming around I wasn’t really in love with it because I didn’t think I could pull it off. However, after buying six at a local farmers market, I started wearing one all the time.

What I love about the bandana trend is that you can really use it anywhere. You can tie it around your neck, tie it around your wrist, use it as a purse accessory and of course you can use it to tie around your hair. I really don’t see this trend going away anytime soon so stock up on those bandanas Fashionista/os.

When I first spotted this Fashionista, it was almost like love at first sight with her style because of how elegant the bandana made her outfit look. I love how simple and classic this Fashionista’s outfit is with a staple white tank top, subtle red lip and, of course, the bandana to pull it all together. It almost looks like this Fashionista just hopped off a jet from Paris, and I’m all about that look. I also love how she tucked in her white tank top into her jeans; it truly flatters her silhouette. However, the bandana is what really makes this outfit stand out just because it adds such a nice flair to it.

How To: Are you afraid to pull of the bandana look? Fear not my fellow Fashionistas/os; I can assure that once you put one on with a simple outfit, your views will change.