ALL IN THE DETAILS: Go for Gingham

Sometimes I get a little jealous of the fashion that guys get to wear. It seems like the only choice they have to make with their outfits is what shirt to wear. However, it’s easy to think that dressing is easier for men, but if they want to be noticed this can make it even harder for them to be noticed than it is for women. This is especially true when going to business-related or semi-formal events where the go-to outfit is khakis and any button-down shirt you want. What do you pick when you want to look appropriate but also like you put some time into choosing what you wear?

In this case, gingham goes a long way. Even though it’s a common pattern, it’s not one which I see too often in an area where business dressers wear plain and pinstriped button-downs. The bright-colored pattern on the shirt we see here allows our Fashionisto to wear what’s acceptable for his weekday event, but distances his outfit from businesswear and is reminiscent of summer. If you’re looking to emulate this look, go for a gingham shirt, some boat shoes, and if you’re really having fun, why not get some interesting glasses?

How To: As a pattern gingham can elevate all sorts of outfits for male and female style. If you’re a guy, go for the plain button-down or be adventurous and try it with short sleeves. Ladies, gingham can be found on anything from crop tops to maxi dresses!