ALL IN THE DETAILS: Go Bold or Go Home

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you’ve all heard the phrase, “go big or go home,” right?  Yea, I thought so. If you’re anything like me, this phrase comes in handy on a scale of, “should I try one more set with heavier weight?” to, “Should I eat that extra cookie, or no?”  In either circumstance, I say yes because you know what they say, “YOLO.”  I promise that “YOLO” is not a term I use often, but right now it only seems appropriate.  If you think about it, why not try something different, especially something you’ve never even tried before?  I mean honestly, the worst that is going to happen is that you won’t like whatever you tried and you can then focus your energy elsewhere.

In the scheme of things, all of this, “go big or go home,” talk relates to the fashion world on a whole different level.  But why not go BOLD or go home?  It all means the same, really.  The trick here, however, is not over-doing it; being bold doesn’t necessarily mean accentuating every part of your outfit.  The key to an eye-popping and bold look is to keep the rest of your garments very simple, that way your key details are what our eyes focus on. Think of it this way: are you going to wear stripes on polka dots to bring out the beauty in the pendant on your necklace? Probably not. In fact, this Fashionista did the exact opposite.  Every garment chosen was a solid hue, with a hint of personal touch. This way, our eyes are drawn directly to the bold pendant necklace around her neck. Although this necklace may appear dramatic on its own, pairing it with solid colors and simple accessories plays down the intensity while still spicing up this Fashionista’s look.  Our last and final touch to this outfit is the clutch; very minimal, yet very important.  Choosing a simple gold clutch with a hint of sparkle makes this outfit more youthful and creates more of a day-to-day look.  Choosing an oversized or sophisticated bag would dress up this look, and the focus could then be shifted away from the original focus: the pendant necklace.

How To:  Have you ever been afraid of trying out a new style because it may seem too bold? Try pairing your central accessory with basic and/or simple garments in order to avoid an overpowering image!