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Let’s face it: once March arrives, school has lost any luster with which it started. The excitement of “back to school” has died down, and pretty much the only thing left on our brains is the fact that spring break is quickly approaching and the growing nearness of summer. We’re bored, we’re restless and we’re tired, and unfortunately this usually begins to translate into the style of even the most dedicated Fashionistas/os. Thankfully, I ran into a Fashionista on campus who provided some major inspiration at just the right time.

Sporting a denim-on-denim outfit over a striped shirt, this look is a fantastic way to dress stylishly without sacrificing comfort. Her denim parka is just big enough to be warm on a windy day, but her ripped jeans and bright T-shirt are perfect for any unexpected mid-day warmth.

While her outfit is adorable on its own, this Fashionista knew it needed a little extra “oomph” to take it to the next level. Her solution? Glam it up. Her accessories, while few in number, made a very loud statement. Without them, she simply had a cute denim look. But with her oversized sunglasses, gold choker and glitzy backpack, she turned her outfit into a shining example of just how much fun spring dressing can be.

Mid-semester blues might be getting you down, but don’t let it translate into your spring looks! This Fashionista proves that with a few glam accessories, you can brighten any outfit and make it through the year without sacrificing your style—or your mood.

How To: Making a statement doesn’t have to be complicated. Add some glamorous sunglasses, a fun piece of jewelry and a loud bag, and you’ll look fantastic without any effort at all.