ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gladiator Scandal

Gladiator sandals are easily one of this year’s hottest summer trends. From over the knee flats to chunky heel lace-up sandals, gladiator shoes have taken the fashion industry by storm. Beyond being trendy, gladiator sandals are a great way to literally stay cool this summer. Though their designs may vary, all gladiator sandals are constructed to allow your feet to breathe. Fashionable and practical? That’s right. Staying fresh has never been easier.

What I love most about this look is the cohesiveness of the entire outfit. Knee-high sandals can sometimes be hard to style since they are inherently statement pieces. However, this Fashionista created the perfect balance of statement pieces and subtle accents to create an effortlessly beautiful look.

To complement the airiness of her gladiator sandals, this Fashionista paired them with a loose, sheer blouse. Though the colors and patterns on her blouse are quite exquisite, pairing it with a pair of simple white shorts and a lace bandeau allowed her to tone down the overall look. To finish the look, she then accessorized with a pair of gold hoop earrings, a gold necklace and two gold bangles to accentuate her outfit. Keeping it simple with her jewelry and her layers allowed for her RAD gladiator sandals to remain the focal point of the outfit. In fact, this gave us all the more reason to focus on her gorgeous long legs!

Now we can’t forget the hair. Every Fashionista knows that your hair frames your face and your face ultimately completes every outfit. As simple as it may seem, by creating a middle part and slicking her hair back into a neat low bun, this Fashionista was able to accentuate her naturally beautiful face and further enhance the effortlessness of her ensemble. Her low bun also feminized her look by uncovering her shoulders and outlining her gorgeously youthful face, but don’t be deceived because just like a true gladiator, this Fashionista is fierce!

How To: First, find yourself a pair of gladiator sandals that best suits your style. Then create a simple, monochromatic silhouette (for instance, try pairing a white camisole with some white shorts for a look similar to this one). Finally, drape your favorite kimono or any other sheer top over your initial outfit and that’s it! Just like that you too can become a fashion warrior this summer.