There’s something about a girly grunge look that just catches my attention like no other style. Part of the reason is because it’s unique looking, but the other part is because I admire the ballsiness of the wearer, such as this Fashionista we see here. When I think of grunge, I think of all dark colors.

However, after bumping into this Fashionista while on her way to class, I realized that you can dress up the grunge look however you want. There are a variety ways to do this, but I especially like this girly-grunge style that she has going on here. It’s fun and flirty, with a little bit of mischief.

This look is all about the details. When it comes to the outfit as a whole, I really like the color combinations and the use of florals. The purple, floral dress adds a nice pop of color and feminine touch to an otherwise dark look. I also really like the crisscross detailing in the back of the dress.

She decided to wear a grey cardigan over the dress to give it some balance. As far as the grunge part goes, the black leggings and black ankle lace-up boots dominate. I really like the length of the boots because it’s unique, and has a cleaner appearance to it.

However, my favorite thing about the outfit is the accessories. I think that they really complement the whole girly grunge look. The flower head wrap really caught my attention because it’s not an accessory that people typically wear to class, and it’s definitely more on the frilly side. I also like the necklace she wore because it gives an element of mystery and counteracts the flower head wrap.

How To: Combine dark and light colors together. You should also try and add some unique accessories because they can make an outfit really stand out.