Picking what to wear to an interview can be nerve racking. You think you have the right outfit, but then you begin to second-guess yourself: should I wear that other blouse? Am I wearing too much make-up? Only to go back to the first outfit you picked. Well, sometimes it’s the attention to detail that lands you the job. Maybe that thank-you note you sent made you stand out from the rest. Or perhaps it was something else, but nonetheless attention to detail is a good skill to have.

This week’s Fashionista wore an ensemble featuring dark tones and incorporated an interesting detail in her outfit. She wore a black tank top and cardigan on top and a pair of slacks featuring a gingham pattern on the bottom. This pattern was featured on various designer runways in the spring/summer 2015 season. It’s a subtle pattern that creates a big impact on the overall outfit. For accessories, the Fashionista has a pair of brown sandals and a black cross-body bag. Overall, she sports very neutral tones with a pattern taking center stage.

Gingham is a pattern that you can easily slip into any outfit that may be plain or boring. It’s not a crazy kaleidoscopic pattern or a colorful floral or paisley but it still creates more depth to an outfit without calling out for attention like a florescent colored pattern would. It’s a good baby step into the world of patterned fabric. This minute detail really brings another element to any ensemble.

How To: Add this pattern to your wardrobe this summer with a gingham patterned dress or gingham flannel paired with jean shorts. Just center your outfit on the gingham patterned article of clothing.