ALL IN THE DETAILS: Getting Flashy

Accessories can be the most important touch to completing an outfit.  You can go simple with jewelry or choose a statement piece or two. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong in the accessory department! Recently, flash tattoos have been all the rage, and everybody who is anybody is tatted up. Nobody is forcing anybody to hop on the flash tattoo bandwagon, but come on, you have to admit they do look pretty cool!

This Fashionistas has on a black tank top T-shirt dress that she pairs with a couple of simple accessories.  She goes for the gold with her necklace, which is a doubled chain with two triangles, that has that layering look.  The necklace gives the overall outfit an edgy vibe.  Another accessory she is rocking is her flash tattoos, of course! She has two simple tattoos on her arm, that may even go unnoticed in some instances, but definitely add to the look. She mixes “metals” with one silver tattoo and a gold tattoo underneath it. Sticking with the triangle theme, the silver tattoo mirrors her necklace with triangles wrapping around her arm. Since her dress is just a simple black dress paired with black sandals, accessorizing is key in order to amp up the look.

How To: T-shirt dresses are so popular at the moment and what is better than wearing a dress that feels like you’re wearing a giant T-shirt?!  Especially with a plain dress you can go crazy with any accessory or pops of color that you want. You can also pick up some flash tattoos in almost any store with a little accessory department; and lets face it, you know you want to throw one on and be trendy like the others!