ALL IN THE DETAILS: Get Wrapped Up In Fall

As the days grow colder, I still like to look fashionable when facing the world; even though, I sometimes feel like staying in my pajamas all day long, eating an entire carton of ice cream and watching Netflix instead. That being said, you should probably spend your day readjusting your wardrobe to the colder weather. This process can be sad, but it is possible to incorporate your favorite summer pieces into your fall attire. This Fashionista has paired one of her favorite summer dresses with a navy cardigan, creating a nice fall look.

What really makes this outfit stand out from others is all in the details. Rather than choosing a statement necklace to accessorize her outfit, this stylish student grabbed a bold scarf. Scarves are arguably the most important fall accessory, as they can be used both functionally and fashionably at the same time. This multi-patterned scarf acts as the pivotal piece in this chic look. The eye is immediately drawn to it because of the pop of color and variation in pattern. All other garments complement the scarf. The solid white dress provides a repetition of color with the white spaces in the scarf, the darker shade of blue from the cardigan enhances the lighter blue used in the scarf and the nude heels blend, ensuring no attention is taken away from the scarf. This trendy miss adds other details like a basic gold watch and a simple gold ring to complete her ensemble.

How To: Not sure how to rock a bold scarf? Try pairing it with a neutral colored jacket, like a dusterblazer or try a black leather jacket if you are feeling fierce. The key to really nailing this look is to pair the scarf with outfits that do not overpower it. Keep it simple and neutral, and choose pieces that complement the scarf. Remember to add simple accessories to tie your look together. Whatever you decide, be confident in your look; I know you can rock it!