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Apart from suede, I would have to say that fringe is the most popular trend in the fashion industry right now. I mean after all, why wouldn’t they be? This ornamental textile is the perfect way to polish your outfit and create an eye-catching look.

Fringed items have been around since the ‘70s. Admittedly, they were not as popular in the beginning of this decade but boy, are they making a comeback! I would have to say that I noticed them on clothing and accessories during Fashion Week month in 2015. If you look at street style directly or indirectly (thank you Instagram), you’ll notice that a lot of celebrities and models are rocking this trend.

Now, because fringes are extremely particular, it can be hard to find ways to incorporate it into your everyday style. No worries though, check out this Fashionista’s look for inspiration.

I decided to shoot her because I absolutely loved how she accessorized her outfit. In terms of her look, she stayed within the fall theme (winter doesn’t officially start until December 21, so even though temperatures are dropping, it’s technically still autumn) by sticking to a mix of dark brown, red and orange tones. The dress, coat and necklace are different variants of the same color family.

If you closely observe her outfit, you’ll notice how simple it is. The dress combined with the coat and Nike sneakers screams comfortably chic. However, the fringe bag is what adds to the ensemble. The leather item is therefore a pivotal component of the Fashionista’s outfit, as its color and texture allow for the overall look to shift from plain to fancy.

I think it’s safe to say that accessories with fringes are the perfect way to add more glamour to simple outfits. They’re stylish and you will definitely attract attention!

How To: Don’t want to be too extravagant with your ensemble? A bag with fringes is the perfect way to find a balanced look. Just make sure your outfit is fairly simple so the accessory can make it stand out!