ALL IN THE DETAILS: Get Active With Fluorescents

Dust off your old tennis shoes that are hidden in the back of your closet… yes, we all do it. Well, maybe some of us. It’s time to talk active wear! I know I go through different spurts of being really active, going to the gym, eating healthy etc…and then… life happens. Then, when life happens those poor gym shoes end up right back in the back of my closet. It is so important to stay active yet it is just hard to sometimes find the motivation to do so. So why not have wearing the best active wear be the key to exercising motivation . Active wear doesn’t have to included your old over sized T-shirt from your middle school fair and a pair of cotton shorts, it can be stylish! All the while catching the eyes from other people at the gym!

This Fashionista matches from head to toe sporting the brightest fluorescent green colors all throughout her outfit. The main focus of her outfit is showing off the bright colors from each piece of her fun Nike gym attire. Bright colors not only make it exciting to go work out, but they are not as hot to the skin like black would be. My favorite part of her ensemble is her Nike Pro training shorts. The bright green pattern makes this look fun and really ties in the bright accent colors from the other pieces of her outfit. She is also wearing a simple cotton tank top with a bright logo on it and for shoes she is wearing her favorite running shoes.

I find that having an awesome work out outfit makes it more exciting to go do whatever activities you have to do, whether it is yoga, outdoor running, spin class or just simply running on the treadmill at your gym!

How To: To accomplish this look is easy and includes things you may already have in your closet. Choose one staple fluorescent color to work with then tie all of the outfit pieces together with that one specific color. Remember being bright is fun! Don’t be afraid to go bold.