ALL IN THE DETAILS: Gaze Into The Eyelet

In some states, the warm temperatures in the summer stay consistent. Whereas others, it is a hit or miss. Here in Kent, Ohio, the temperature fluctuates from 80 degrees one day to 50 degrees the next. With the risk of being too hot or too cold, Fashionistas in Ohio usually like to consider a happy medium or decide to layer their outfits accordingly.

On a sunny afternoon, I was able to spot out this Fashionista whose black eyelet top caught my attention. At first, I thought the light blue short sleeve was attached but soon found out, they were two separate pieces that she brought together as one. I really liked how this outfit could work as a day to night look. When wearing a piece with a lot of color, patterns or other details; make sure to wear a piece that does not take away from the top or bottom that you want to show off. For example, she is wearing a simple dark high-waisted skinny jean and rustic booties that do not make her outfit look overdone.

To pull together the look, she added a pair of sunglasses and two simple necklaces to add more color and emphasis. To accessorize an outfit, do not make it harder than it sounds. By adding just one or two chain necklaces will not only add to your outfit but will make your attire look more expensive and unique when in reality, it only took not even a minute to pull together. Lastly, sunglasses are a key essential to the everyday summer look. Make sure you have at least one pair of sunglasses in your car and in your purse in case you decide to take a last minute road trip, go to the beach or just go out with your friends.

How To: Have you ever been hesitant of adding any jewelry or layering with a printed or detailed top? Every day is a new opportunity to try something new that you have not had the chance to before. Look through your old jewelry box at home or even look in your mom’s closet. Staple pieces are always the key to finishing the perfect look and you will hopefully be able to find pieces you never knew you had.