ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fur Real Fashion

Okay, so I know it’s officially spring but it still feels like the middle of January here at Illinois State University. Between the snow on the ground and the below zero temperatures, when it is going to finally feel like spring? As any Fashionista can attest, dressing for the snowy weather can be challenge but my only suggestion on how to beat this weather is to think like Elsa and pretend like the cold never bothered you anyway. I was lucky enough to spot this Fashionista while going out to dinner and she was absolutely not letting the cold get her down.

This Fashionista is the prime example of how dressing cute in the winter is still possible. She wore a pair of distressed skinnies, gorgeous booties, a red tunic with matching red lipstick and my favorite addition to any outfit: a fur vest. I love this vest not only because is it totally fabulous but because it is so warm as well. Wearing a fur vest is my favorite way to dress up a casual look and make your fashionable self stand out in a crowd.

How To: This look may look like a challenge but it is so easy to mimic and can look perfect on anyone. Pick out your favorite vest and go from there. After you have the vest, make sure that you choose a tunic color that is going to pop but also complement the look. Pair it with matching booties and your favorite skinny jeans and you’re ready to go!