With cold weather upon us, we are surrounded by nothing but J.Crew puffer vests and blanket scarfs. Yes, I am also guilty of sporting this look (maybe a little too much) but sometimes we need more excitement in our wardrobes. It is easy to fall into patterns with what we wear since we have a million other things to worry about but I’m writing to tell you that it does not have to be that way. It as easy as switching out your boring accessory for a trendy one: a faux fur vest.

This Fashionista did exactly that and broke away from the norm. She updated her look with a faux fur vest for a day on campus and stood out from all the black and navy we see everywhere. This vest is the perfect piece for the mixture of fall and winter weather that is going on right now. It was keeping her warm during that dreaded walk to class while looking stylish. Plus, it had pockets; can it get any better than that?

She maintained a simple and casual look with an olive green sweater underneath and dark skinnies. She also added some cutout booties for good measure that tied the look together by bringing out the tan hues in the vest. This cute and simple outfit is the proof you need to not wear that puffer vest every day like everyone else. Adding some faux fur into the mix livens everything up, which is something we definitely need in this dreary weather!

How To: Don’t look like a total diva on campus by keeping every part of your outfit simple besides the fur vest, of course. Just pair it with your favorite skinny jeans and a simple sweater. Forget the jewelry, you want everyone looking at your furry statement piece without any shiny distractions!