Winter days can get monotonous, but that does not mean your outfit has to. Exchanging basic accessories for more eye-catching pieces is a fun and affordable way to stay stylish—even in winter months and early morning classes.

Upgrading a scarf to a more glamorous option—like a faux fur scarf, is one way to make outerwear more stylish. It is always visible instead of only showing in a classroom, which is a quality that very few winter accessories share.

This Fashionista wore her scarf with tights and a gray peacoat, which gave off a distinctively retro vibe. Her look was distinctively classic, tied together with a blush colored and structured tote. The unique studded earrings added extra sparkle to the already glamorous look. The scarf caused the look to contrast from the distinctively grungy style that permeates college campuses every winter.

A fur (or better—faux fur) accessory can hardly be called a trend because fur has been stylish for centuries. Historically worn by elite classes, the look is now much more accessible and less cruel, thanks to synthetic substitutes. Designs range from sculpted and vintage to ragged and grungy, but all options of this material are sure to grant some double takes.

If a fur scarf is too much, more subtle options are fur-lined gloves or a hat with a fur pom. To really step it up, a faux-fur vest can be layered over a black turtleneck and worn with dark wash jeans. It looks expensive while feeling comfortable—what other material can vouch for that?

How To: Many low-budget retailers, such as Forever 21 and H&M, sell faux-fur items for very reasonable prices. Take your pick from a classy scarf, vest or hat. Pair with dark jeans, sleek boots and a classic winter coat, and you are ready to look like the chicest girl in your lecture hall.