How to wear faux fur is a common question on every Fashionista’s mind this season. This lavish and versatile material is the perfect layering piece to look fierce in the frigid winter temperatures. The luxe item is easier to wear than one might think.

A faux fur vest is the ideal way to slowly introduce fur into your closet. The key to pulling off this trend is to keep your ensemble simple. There should be only one fur accent per outfit and that piece should be the loudest one within your ensemble. Going overboard with accessories and colors will make the outfit look tacky. Additionally, fur has the tendency to be bulky, so make sure to wear it with tighter fitting clothes to show off your figure.

This Fashionista looks like a rock star in her shaggy white faux fur vest that she picked up from Kendall & Kylie’s collection at PacSun. Pairing the vest with a plain black long sleeve shirt and her favorite pair of jeans makes the casual ensemble look effortlessly chic. This Fashionista said she also wore this vest on Christmas with a velvet black dress. Successfully pulling off both a casual and a formal look proves the versatility of the faux fur vest.

How To: If you’re not ready to fully commit to this trend, start small by draping a faux fur scarf or collar over your shoulders. This is a simple and fun way to add a fur accent to your look. For those Fashionistas who want to fully embrace the faux fur craze, invest in a taupe cropped fur coat. When worn with a black and white ensemble, it will break up the outfit while adding some edgy glamor. If you are looking for something more casual, throw a fur vest over a plaid button-down, the two items are practically soulmates. Complete this look with a skinny belt synched at your waist to show off your curves. There are many other ways to wear faux fur, so don’t be afraid to experiment and give this winter staple a try!