ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fur for All, All for Fur

The weather in St. Louis is getting colder and colder by the day, even though spring is right around the corner. With weather like this you have to be prepared to take it on. How does one Fashionista/o take on this icy weather? By wearing a faux fur coat! Fur coats are a way to stay warm, while being trendy. Wearing a faux fur coat can take your look from drab to fabulous! If you aren’t a fan of real fur and you want to stay with the times: faux furs are perfect. You are still protecting the animals and have your love for fashion. Take this Fashionista, for example; let’s see how she flawlessly wore her faux fur coat.

Our Fashionista was prepared to be warm, yet stylish. She paired her all-denim attire with this amazing catalina blue faux fur coat. Her coat turns her meek look into a very Marilyn Monroe vibe. She even has this amazing contrast of her reddish-brown ombre hair on top of that beautiful blue. Following pursuit of the icy coldness, she grabbed her favorite gray studded turban to keep her head and ears warm. The look ends with a pair of black knee-high boots, keeping the look simple and polished. Here are a couple of alternatives to rock fabulous fur outerwear: a bold marsala faux fur vest and an edgy faux fur collar.

How To: Found the perfect fur (faux or not) but not so sure what to wear with it? Don’t dwell too long. Let’s take the fur collar for example, which is my favorite. Place this collar around one of your favorite cardigans, denim or leather jackets. To add more edge, you can definitely pair the look with some all-black spiked booties.