ALL IN THE DETAILS: From Winter to Spring

ALL IN THE DETAILS: From Winter to Spring

As a native midwesterner, I can assure you that early March is the hardest time of the year for fashion due to the brutal transition from winter to spring. Last week, it was nearly 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it snowed over the weekend, and today it rained. As soon as you finally adjust to a style, it is already inappropriate for the weather.

This Fashionista, however, has found a clever way of getting around this frustrating dilemma. She has found an outfit that can work any day in March, regardless of the weather. Even if it is chillier than she expected, this Fashionista is prepared with a warm scarf and fingerless gloves. She layers these over a versatile black jacket.

This Fashionista will be just as comfortable if it happens to be a sunny day because she is able to take off her scarf, gloves, and jacket. This outfit provides flexibility that is essential in Wisconsin as the day may start off at a cooler temperature, but be warm and sunny by mid-afternoon.

In addition to her more practical accessories, this Fashionista has also chosen a few more feminine pieces that portray her personality, as well as added a little sparkle to her outfit. She is wearing a pair of gold earrings and a rose-shaped ring. She chose to finish the outfit with a pair of lace-up booties. The booties add a little edginess that balances out her more feminine accessories.

This Fashionista really nailed a perfect outfit for a difficult time of year. She managed to dress practically while still showing off her personality and sense of style.