ALL IN THE DETAILS: From the Other Side

March 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

Hello from the other side…of the lens, that is. This Fashionista is found more often than not calm, cool and collected behind the lens of the camera, rather than modeling in front of it. Her vintage Cannon with the patterned camera strap, distressed and worn from countless hours spent finding the perfect photo might give this away. However, this Fashionista looks just as much the trendsetter as she does the street style photographer capturing the moment.

The details of this outfit scream that this is no black and white girl, but point to the self-expression and creativity of an artist. Whether it’s her mom’s vintage Calvin Klein jacket, the silver rings and studs donning her nose and ears or her nod to the ’70s with this button-up suede skirt, this girl is making a statement. However, the unexpected touches take this outfit to the next level and give on-lookers a clue to the kind of person she is. In particular, her camera shows her career ambitions and her tote shows her interest in both philanthropy and service. This girl is so in focus!

As we head into spring the days grow longer, and we find less reason to cover every inch of our body in cashmere and wool. This is the perfect time to break out skirts and tights. An easy A-line skirt in a warm saturated color becomes an easy go-to before the spring florals arrive. Keeping the color palette simple and monochromatic creates an outfit that should see more than just the darkroom!

How To: Start with a skirt incorporating a fun trend, such as this suede button-up piece, and other minimalist items such as a black turtleneck and vintage jean jacket to allow your accessories to shine. Then add pieces that represent YOU; whether it’s your grandmother’s rings, a backpack accessorized by patches and pins or a monogrammed necklace.