ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fringed Scarves

Winter always has its ups and downs. We all love when the snow is falling and it looks beautiful outside, but after it stops falling we don’t like it as much (especially when the cold air hits your face). Another positive side is the variety of different clothes and scarves you can wear. I know I have said this before, and I say it again, but in this weather you need a scarf.

A scarf protects you from the cold weather as well as being a great accessory to make your outfit stand out. The special thing about this scarf is that it is fringed. It is not just like any other scarf ,which makes it so unique and a must-have for this season.

You just can’t wear a fringed scarf and hope that whatever you wear with it makes it look right. You have to combine it with the appropriate kind of clothing to really make it stand out. There are right ways to combine this kind of scarf and there are wrong ways. In this case, it is the perfect way because the whole outfit carries a theme.

First of all, the beige cardigan is a brighter color, so the contrast between the two colors makes the scarf stand out. The color of the cardigan really softens the gray color. Another item that really emphasizes the uniqueness of the scarf is the torn pants. The pants and the scarf are very different and unique pieces that complement each other very well and draw attention right where it’s needed.

How To: To get a similar look, just combine a fringed scarf with a color that contrasts it, yet complements it, and wear your favorite pair of ripped jeans with it.