When is floral print not a staple? Whether it’s rocking the print in correlation with the budding of spring or basking in sweet floral sundresses in the summer time, floral print is here to stay. Just ask designer Carolina Herrera; she’s setting spring trends in her spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection by incorporating a timeless symbol of spring: yep, you guessed it—floral print!

Even in the winter, girls all over campus are flaunting this sweet and trendy print. This lovely Fashionista pairs a bold and beautiful floral-printed skirt with a pale pink crop top and closed-toe gladiator-esque sandals. This outfit stood out because the skirt and floral print were the focal points of the entire look. Notice how she kept her top simple and clean, so that the color and the print were accentuated. While it’s definitely fun to mix and match prints, emphasizing this blooming print would be best paired with something that doesn’t draw attention away from it, like a neutral top! Floral skirts come in a huge variety; check out this short textured one, this bold and sleek pencil skirt or this one with a trending hem:  a midi skirt!

How To: Whether you’re in Southern California, basking in 70 degree weather in February or in New York, bundled up in 30 degrees, any girl can pull off a floral skirt! Girls braving freezing temperatures can add leggings, a coat, a knitted scarf and cute boots or booties. As winter transitions into spring, shed the coat and switch it with a thick knitted cardigan!