ALL IN THE DETAILS: Freezing in Fedoras

In big cities, take London for example, extremely windy days are bound to happen, and because of this, hats are a very essential accessory to have. Touring the city in style seems like something that every Londoner does. Just because its windy and a bit chilly out doesn’t mean you can’t look good too, right?

In a comfortable yet structured outfit, this Fashionista hit the London streets in a relaxed style fedora and didn’t have to worry about a thing. Being a tourist is time consuming, overwhelming and can usually end up in sweat. So it’s better to dress lightly or in layers to accommodate an ever-changing temperature. Instead of wearing a heavy coat and furry boots, this Fashionista opted for a leather jacket and a pair of ankle booties to make her outfit complete.

For accessories, a cross-body bag to compactly hold only the tourist necessities and the main attraction — a fedora hat. Fedoras are a great alternative for your typical thick or fuzzy winter hat. There is a wide range of fedora style hats out there from wool to felt, so any Fashionista is capable of finding one to match her own specific style. And the best part about it all? You don’t have to worry about hat hair trouble because this hat adds even more flare to your hairstyle.

How To: Fedoras, floppy or relaxed, can go with everything! Pair your hat with an everyday T-shirt and jeans combination to dress it up or something a little more feminine like a skirt to dress it down. If it’s a little too cold and you’re not feeling the rips — my favorite thing to do is throw on a pair of leggings underneath my ripped jeans for added edge and warmth!