ALL IN THE DETAILS : Framing The Gold, Fastening The Black

March 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Being at the University of Iowa, we become desensitized to the terms “black and yellow, black and yellow” and “all gold everything.” Iowa City streets are decked out with black Hawkeye flags, giant yellow “IOWA” signage, and we even have a huge gold dome on top of the campus’s Old Capital building, which is in the heart of the city. Gold is flaunted regularly and very visibly at the UI, so when it comes in small doses we sometimes notice it more than we would atop a building.

This Fashionisto’s winter style hits those small gold doses, and guess what? I noticed these gold buttons reflecting the sun from across the street. Call it a sign? Possibly. When we often hide patterns or pairings under winter jackets, it’s difficult to make an outfit pop, or in this case, shine. The gold buttons on this black winter jacket are accompanied by a prominent golden zipper. “All-gold everything” doesn’t have to be the case when you know how to accentuate a look with minimal gold on, well, something. What makes this simple outfit a statement is the attention to detail. More than just gold buttons and a zipper that fasten the jacket, he keeps up the minimal gold in the frames of his Timeless Clubmaster Ray-Bans. From bottom button of his jacket to the framing of his sunglasses, the gold is what really “fastens” this outfit together. What’s great is that he avoids taking away from the gold accents by wearing a pair of everyday, black jeans. The balance between black and gold in this piece is so simple but effective.

How To: Avoiding the clichés is never an easy feat, but reinventing them can be a whole new game. Don’t be afraid to minimize and overlap accentuating details. If you have gold buttons, grab the boots with the gold buckles or pay attention to a piece as small as golden-tipped laces. Focus on small details and your look will be huge.