Ohio is infamous for its bipolar weather—it could be sunny and 62 degrees in the morning, snow in the afternoon, and be pouring rain at night. Us Midwestern’s have to prepare for the worst of weather, and of course still look cute while doing so. Layering can be a gift or a curse, but finding layering pieces that pop can make a gloomy day not so gloomy. I’ve always owned neutral colored coats and boots to ensure that they can go with everything, but underneath is where the magic happens. I like to go for deep winter colors like burgundy and navy and always find a detail that makes it different. I saw a piece on small animal print done in Marie Claire magazine and I thought the trend was genius—subtle with the perfect amount of whimsicality.

When I saw the look above, it was as if I was looking through my winter checklist: neutral (and equally professional) winter coat? Check. Deep colors i.e. purple, burgundy or navy? Double check. Fun little detail? Um… did you see the adorable, tiny, sleeping foxes? I loved the look, and can’t wait to recreate it with my winter attire!

How To: Find a top that has a repeated print; I’ve found bugs, monkeys and even penguins atop several winter colors. If the print seems too colorful for your taste, pair it with some muted tones like a charcoal coat or a deep bottom (I particularly loved that the shirt was paired with a dark burgundy pant). Whenever I’m feeling a little extra “kid-at-the-coffee-shop,” I’ll add a pair of fake, hipster glasses for fun, and I totally recommend it.