I believe the word is floral. Summertime is here and the floral trend is in full affect. The floral pattern is so popular for the warm and pretty seasons. It has such a “girly” feel and has the power to make anything more feminine. Dresses, skirts, shorts and shirts. Floral is in different forms, and different colors.

This floral chiffon top was worn for comfort this warm but not too warm, summer day. The summer is all about bright colors. This Fashionista here toned the brightness of her look down with these dark purple skinny jeans. Floral print is one of those that are kind of hard to miss and easy to over exaggerate. This Fashionista made sure she didn’t do too much with hers. It is allowed to mix up colors in the summer you know? Yellow chunky heels and floral print at the same time; now that is what you call a statement. I am always a big advocate on the color-blocking and the mix and match.

Don’t fret, you aren’t required to make it sassy every time. Maybe you like more of the simple things in life. The simplicity of floral comes just as easy. That cute little floral dress you have had in your closet for three weeks because you just can’t figure out how to wear it; don’t over think it, it can all be so simple. Grab your cute cross-body bag or you sunhat and strut it how you want. Who said floral print had to be hard?

How To: Don’t be afraid of flowers. Femininity is never a bad thing. It’s ok to show your elegant side sometimes. Just keep all the extra out of the way and keep the floral simple.