Here comes the sun! Imagine a beautiful girl pedaling on an old-fashioned bike decorated with a basket of flowers, coming your way. She has a sweet smile and charm that turns your cheeks warm when she looks in your direction. She’s innocent like a white sheet of paper, but free like a bird. You might try to catch her attention, but with the blink of an eye, she is off into the distance.

Beauty is all around—she knows this, and she is looking for more flowers to carry along with her as she rides off into the sunset. When was the last time you enjoyed the earth’s purest forms of beauty? There is nothing quite like waking up early, going outside and seeing the rainbow colored morning dew on wet, green grass.

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect outfit for a morning nature walk. Her white crop top is laced with web of snow-white flowers. Her knit beanie is white as well—which, paired with a pretty smile, gives her a look of sweet innocence. Her high-waisted shorts are rich in darker shades of blue from where the buttons are, and fade out to a light blue. This gradient look is so gentle and gives an overall playful and magical touch to her style. The faux leather jacket gives her an edge which would have a less innocent appeal if it weren’t for the sweet, white floral details. I think she looks so stunning, and I’m excited to share this look with you!

How To: Make the floral patterned lace top the main focus, while wearing a white bralette underneath. Put on a white crochet hat, high-waisted shorts and cover yourself with a faux leather biker jacket for some edginess to this angelic look. Heads will be turning!