As we get deeper into the semester, the work gets harder and students get more stressed. Don’t you ever feel as though you just need a break? However, sometimes a break is not the thing you are craving. Instead, you are in need of some motivation. Getting out of bed in the morning and picking out a cute, stylish outfit can sometimes be the perfect amount of encouragement you need to get through your rough and stressful days!

This Fashionista’s blazer really stood out to me on campus. Not only are the colors on it bright and vibrant, but the floral pattern is unique as well. The zippers up the side of the blazer bring an edgy aspect to an otherwise preppy ensemble. In my opinion, the detail on this blazer is the perfect balance to her simple outfit.

Underneath her blazer, this Fashionista wore a plain black shirt, which allowed the flowers to really pop! She paired the outfit with a classy pair of black Tory Burch flats. To accessorize, she threw on a long gold necklace with a compass hanging from it and paired this with her monogrammed necklace. These two necklaces allow her personal touch to shine through. She also had on a gold KORS Michael Kors watch and gold bow ring. These little traces of gold throughout her accessories and shoes bring an elegant and tasteful touch to her whole outfit. To top it all off, this Fashionista carried a small black clutch. Not only did the clutch match her outfit, but it was the perfect size to carry any personal items she may need throughout her day as well.

If you ever feel unmotivated and need a little drive to get you going, don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd with a fashionable ensemble! Throwing on a floral pattern, a vibrant pair of shoes or even a colorful accessory could be a great detail to put into any outfit.

How To: Do you have an interview for one of your classes and need a stylish outfit to keep you going? Throw on a blazer that will stand out, pair it with a basic shirt, jeans and simple flats to complete the look. Even putting on a nice pair of boots will look great with this outfit! Accessorize with your favorite jewelry, and you’re ready to go.