There’s nothing in the world harder than pulling together a cute outfit while the temperature keeps rising. During the summer, we all seem to struggle to find something comfortable and fashionable while at work or school. This Fashionista took a simple outfit and gave it a boost while staying fashionable and cool!

Flowers are a girl’s best friend no matter what it’s for. The best time to showcase your flower power in an outfit would for sure be in the summer weather! This Fashionista took a simple black dress and added flavor to it with a light floral kimono cardigan. By adding this, she made her outfit pop! She did a great job helping off set her outfit with floral and tying in her jewelry to match with a ring and watch.

This Fashionista really upgraded a basic outfit into a trendy one with just a little touch of color and accessories! She even picked the perfect sandals that didn’t add too much to what was going on! One can never go wrong with some floral and accessories to give it that dazzle it needs. The outfit she chose was a perfect fit for this weather and a long day at work!

How To: To attain this look, I’d simply buy any floral kimono that has a light feel to it which can be found anywhere during the summer! You may also tie in a color from the kimono like she did with her jewelry or instead, tie the color to your shoes or even add a belt which would help give that the same flare as well.