February 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

It might technically still be winter but it sure feels like spring came early here in Texas (I guess we can blame global warming for that, but I’m not complaining). The sun is finally shinning and it is time to put away the sweaters and bring out all the fun dresses. I know I have already packed away my boots and brought out my sandals and shorts. Needless to say, I am ready for this warm weather.

This Fahionista has her long blonde hair neatly curled and makes it look effortless. Her makeup is clean and soft yet she is wearing a ruby red lipstick, which gives her skin a nice glow. She’s wearing a black fitted dress with a black straw sun hat. She tops the look off with floral pumps. The base of her outfit is a neutral black dress and she subtly adds color with her accessories. This combination makes her skin look flawless. The floral heels are a nice touch of spring and show off her amazing legs. They give a hint of springtime without looking full out like Easter Sunday as technically, it’s still winter so we should stay subtle.

How To: Always afraid to jump right into spring clothes? Just remember that everyone else has the same problem. Make sure to start off slow. Start with a neutral base for your outfit like a black, brown or tan. Then add a pop a spring such as, a piece of pastel or a floral blouse.