ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flashback Flannel

June 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

The cycle of fashion has almost come full circle. There are a lot of ’80s and ’90s-influenced styles today. High-waisted shorts have come back, as well as Converse, overalls and flannels being wrapped around the waist. It used to be weird to tie your jackets around your waist as you got older, and now it’s back in style! Fashion basically repeats itself; a new twist is just added to it each time. It becomes “modern.”

This Fashionista’s red and black, plaid flannel goes well with her striped black and white crop top. Flannels have been worn a lot in the past year. In the fall and winter, they were worn with leggings and boots. In the spring and summer, they’ve been used mainly as accessories and to really add detail to an outfit. Fashionistas all over have used them with a workout outfit, as a light jacket to complete an outfit for those cool spring nights and tied around the waist with cutoffs, typically a crop top and Converse or boots. Flannels give you a laid back vibe while also emulating a hipster, edgy look. Flannels come in checkered patterns, plaids, sleeveless and even crop tops! Some Fashionistas like oversized flannels and some prefer more fitted ones. When choosing the right flannel consider what other pieces of clothing you are wearing and what feel you are going for.

This Fashionista completes her look with high-waisted shorts, Converse and a crop top. Each piece of her outfit brings out a ’90s feel, but the flannel wrapped around her waist really makes it a blast from the past. Not to mention that scrunchie she is using as an accessory! She is the epitome of a modern ’90s chick.

How To: Flannels can be worn so many ways. Sometimes people are apprehensive about rocking the flannel around the waist because it’s “too trendy.” Start out with wearing one as a top, and then transition into wearing it over a top, and in no time you’ll be wrapping it around your waist. Remember to always add your personal style to every outfit and accessorize!