ALL IN THE DETAILS: Flannel On Fleek

Finding and photographing stylish Fashionista/os around the University of Florida campus every week is quite the challenge. Most Gators opt for comfort in the form of yoga pants, T-shirts and running shoes rather than chic pieces like high-waisted jeans, statement necklaces and retro band shirts.

I was immediately drawn to this Fashionista’s outfit as I saw her nonchalantly riding through campus on her bike with a long flannel shirt whipping in the wind behind her. By combining an oversized flannel and stretchy black leggings, she fused comfort with a great sense of personal style—a task that I try to accomplish while dressing for school every day. Her black leggings say, “I want to be comfy and not constricted by a pair of skinny jeans,” and her flannel says, “Hey, I’m not just wearing a T-shirt with these leggings, so I’m making an effort to look fashionable today.” By wearing red sneakers, she accented the colors of the flannel in a subtle way, and the adorable elephant necklace was just the right amount of bling for daytime.

Naturally, my favorite part of this outfit is her flannel shirt, as I have a somewhat strange obsession with all things flannel. I’m not quite sure if it’s their connection to lumberjacks that draws me in (because who doesn’t love a little facial hair and a man bun, am I right?), but I digress. Her long shirt made the perfect top layer, which is sometimes that one simple touch you need to pull an outfit together as a whole.

If flannel isn’t your cup of tea, fear not because there are plenty of other layering options to suit your fancy. Oversized jackets are an ideal layer for colder weather, fitting perfectly over a few sweaters to keep you warm and snug all day. For the sunnier summer or spring months, patterned kimonos are a cute, breezy layer to add on top of dresses, skirts or shorts. Soft chambray shirts or blazers always make an outfit look more polished, and loose cardigans are a great layer to give your outfit a cozier feel. The options are endless, so get out there and start layering, Fashionista/os!

How To: This outfit’s components are fairly simple and can be tweaked depending on your personal style. Find a pair of leggings, a solid-colored blouse, an oversized flannel, red sneakers and a long necklace. Don’t want a super long flannel like the one I suggested? This one from Tilly’s has a similar print but is much smaller so you don’t feel like you’re drowning in flannel.