Spain is known for many aspects of its beautiful culture. From fabulous food, to gorgeous beaches on the Mediterranean and awe-inspiring architecture in all of its major cities, there is so much inspiration and beauty in this country. One other huge aspect of Spanish culture is Flamenco, a style of dance that originated in Seville, one of the country’s oldest metropolitan areas.

The influence of Flamenco can be seen in street style all over, especially in the beautiful plazas of Barcelona. This Fashionista shows off the dance-inspired trend in the giant ruffles of her shirt and the bold colors throughout the rest of her outfit. Typical costumes for this style of dance incorporate enormous ruffles, long trains and lots of contrasting colors. Think tons of red with pops of white, navy and black mixed in. Lace is also hugely popular. She does an amazing job of modernizing the style for a younger, more urban wearer. It looks stunning on her!

Lots of different textures add a subtle, but rich contrast. A light cotton with bits of bohemian crochet float over the starched lace of the shorts, which is emphasized by the shiny patent leather of her bright bag. Last of all is the suede fringe on her sandals, which I absolutely adore! It seems difficult to pull together so many textures, but this Fashionista certainly makes it work with simple colors and understated neutrals that flow together wonderfully.

How To: If you’re looking for some new inspiration for your wardrobe, I would definitely suggest Flamenco. Oversized ruffles on top are very on trend and incorporate a gorgeous bohemian touch. Tuck into some high-waisted lace shorts to show off a tiny waist. Top off with a bold bag, some stunning sunnies and fringed sandals for a look that is great for summer.