Everyone needs a simple dress to dress up or keep simple. Whether it is a solid color or a print, adding an accessory and even a flannel can bring a dress such as this Fashionista’s to a different style and silhouette. What drew me to this Fashionista originally was her white purse. I always love to see a pop of something that will catch someone’s eye and will draw them to the rest of the outfit.

Another thing that always grabs my attention is any flannel of any kind, especially when added in an interesting way. I loved the way she added her flannel by tying it around her waist! It changed the silhouette of the dress and also changed her outfit to add a boho flair along with the addition of her long chain necklace.

This is a great ensemble for the summer months because it does not contain many layers and keeps a summer vibe! Instead of wearing boots or heels she chose a pair of sandals that paired perfectly with her boho themed outfit. Flannels can be used, in my opinion, within any season. And when they are worn correctly they can be a great asset to be used in anyone’s wardrobe. The flannel will not make you uncomfortable when worn as an accessory, as can whatever pair of shoes you choose to wear can affect the theme of your outfit.

How To: Making an outfit look detailed without too many accessories is very easy and can be done in a short amount of time if you are in a hurry! Simply find a simple dress such as this Fashionista’s and find your favorite matching flannel. As you guys know already, I am a big fan of bold prints on bold prints. This look can also be done with the bold prints that contrast each other. And simply add your favorite pair of sandals. Finish the look by adding a bag that pops but also can blend with the outfit a long chain necklace.