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These days, the only thing on a college student’s mind is *cue dramatic music* finals. During finals there is no shortage of sleepless nights, endless notes and timid knocks on professor’s doors. By this point, most have already given up trying to look cute for class—I say as I am wearing an oversized T-shirt, leggings and a fuzzy jacket. This Fashionista, however, has it all together in a fierce finals ensemble. Paying attention to detail is not only a thing for school, but also when creating an outfit. It’s the details that make all the difference.

There is nothing better than taking statement pieces, putting them into one outfit and seeing how they blend. This Fashionista was bold to wear a lilac cloche hat in a time of year where most are reaching for neutrals. Since she is always on the go, a cute hat is a lifesaver that can disguise bedhead when doing your hair in the morning is not worth it. Another statement piece that has been everywhere this season is the buttoned denim skirt. Replete with buttons, this ’90s trend made its comeback this season and has been everywhere. This Fashionista purchased hers from Forever 21. If you are not feeling a skirt, a pair of denim jeans is still on trend and may add extra comfort.

When it comes to fashion, it is tempting to look at the bigger picture rather than the small details. This Fashionista chose to incorporate a hint of sparkle by wearing a pair of rhinestone studs that are the icing on the cake to an already exceptional outfit.

I get it, throwing on a sweatshirt and sweatpants are the go-to look around this time. However, this Fashionista demonstrates that it is not the only option. Finals are a stressful time so don’t stress too much about what to wear. Challenge yourself! Try adding at least one small detail to your outfit every day and you will breeze through finals in style.