ALL IN THE DETAILS: Final-ly Start Wearing Scarves

What better point of the year to spend a majority of your time studying for finals while still showing your effortless style? A minimalist shines when time is of the essence. These last weeks of finals all of us Fashionistas should look to replicate what this student chose to represent herself in. A simple scarf is a good focal point when majority of students finally care more about their studies than what they look like, even if that means opening their text books for the first time this semester. The accessory of a scarf will go for miles without having to wear a ton of layers and allowing yourself to be comfy and cozy.

This student is the definition of an effortless minimalist. The high-winds have always swept SUNY Plattsburgh’s students off their feet. This Fashionista stays grounded with a pair of her laced up booties that give a very simplistic look with the rips in her jeans. The fashionista is very up to date wearing a pair of black high-waisted jeans that are ripped at the knee, which seem to be a huge trend this season. The sunshine does not stop this Fashionista from embracing a cold weather look by sporting dark tones assets to match with her over-sized sweater. Assuming that she, along with many other college students, does not love to spend a ton of time in the morning getting ready. However this outfit is an easy way to accommodate the lifestyle of a minimalist. A sensible thought that dark colors will naturally blend together. So why not make it easy and complete the timeless direction of modesty many girls are going for with something as simple as a scarf?

How To: Have you ever believed that scarves weren’t for you? Finals week is the perfect time to end the semester with experimenting and getting out of your comfort zone. The holidays are right around the corner, so test out some new clothing or accessories to see what is worthy to be on your holiday wish list.