ALL IN THE DETAILS: Festival Vibes

One of my favorite summer quotes is, “I wore a dress because I was too lazy to wear pants.” This Fashionista made a simple dress turn heads and she had a glow about her that simply could not be ignored.

The stitched flower embroidery on this Fashionista’s dress make it unique and set it apart from our typical sundress. The flowers are stitched and placed throughout the garment in such a way it makes you want to reach out and touch them (talk about texture).  Another cool thing about this Fashionista’s dress is the buttons!  Although you could just slip this garment on, this exactly what All In The Details is about. The color coordination made this look much more appealing. Yet, ultimately, accessorizing was the major key to success of this look. The Fashionista’s variety of bracelets were the perfect touch. Her wrist consists of friendship bracelets and beaded bangles.

By doing the minimum, yet making sure every color was neutral, this Fashionista perfectly exhibited the fact that less is more! Not to mention her color choice contrasted and complemented her skin tone perfectly. Another accessory that added character to this look was the Fashionista’s hair. Her beautiful curls added to her free and natural look!

How To: To begin, find an essential piece to pivot your look around such as a dress. Then find bracelets, watches, necklaces or any accessory that is the same color. Always remember, there is no such thing as too many accessories. You really can’t go wrong with a look like this.