ALL IN THE DETAILS: Ferocious Footwear

January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

These days, a sporty look doesn’t have to mean just plain, sweaty gym clothes. Sportswear has become a trend in and of itself, and it has infiltrated street style more than ever this year. However, capturing the look doesn’t mean you need to go to extremes with high end sneakers and designer T-shirts. It can be done simply, but always in good taste.

This Fashionista paired a black, short sleeve, chiffon button-down with ripped boyfriend jeans, cheetah print sneakers, a black hat and aviators to achieve a sporty-inspired vibe for a casual day look. When trying to take on a sporty trend, you either have to fully commit to it or let it inspire an ensemble. In this instance, the look was reminiscent of the trend, not embodied by it.

The casual vibe of this Fashionista’s look is largely realized through her sneakers. Instead of rocking solid-colored kicks, she opted for something a little bolder with the cheetah print. Since a print was included in the outfit, she kept the rest of the colors neutral, maintaining the sneakers as the “pop” to her look. She kept things fun, however, by opting for mirrored aviators rather than classic ones and continued to excite by including a fuzzy, trendy keychain on her bag.

This look is perfect for a casual day outgoing because of its perfectly simple yet trendy feel.

How To: Pair your favorite boyfriend jeans with any plain black top and include a flashy pair of sneakers. Keep the focus on your feet by sticking to neutral-colored clothing and accessories. Don’t overthink the look; let it be effortless and it’ll surely be chic.