ALL IN THE DETAILS: Femme Faux Fur Fab

As if college Fashionistas/os needed any more stress, Chicago’s temperamental weather makes it exceptionally difficult to dress consistently. One day it’s freezing temperatures, the next it’s surprisingly warm. Daily wardrobe adjustments become the new worry, and suddenly you start to regret packing away your autumnal ponchos and spring cashmere sweaters. Luckily, during a particularly warm day, I was strolling through the beautiful campus of DePaul University when I encountered this stylish femme fatale. She was rocking the faux fur scarf trend, a timeless piece that can fit almost any season. Her haute ensemble looked right for the weather and like it was straight off of the runway.

So many aspects of this Fashionista’s outfit caught my eye—the ribbed moto jacket, the eclectic ankle boots and the faux fur scarf, of course. She combined these wonderful elements with lots of black, so none of the pieces were overcompensating each other. A faux fur accessory innovation like this dresses up a casual outfit and adds an element of mystique. This look creates a perfect balance, mixing a unique version of the classic infinity scarf with fall necessities.

In the time of a fashion crisis, this Fashionista is evidently prepared for anything. A slightly warmer day in the middle of a brutal Chicago winter just prompted her to mix some of the previous season’s trends with the pinnacle of the current one. The slight tweak in detail, such as adding a beautiful scarf or donning designer booties can make all the difference.

How To: Ponchos, turtlenecks and literally any type of jacket are all different outfit components that can be united in-vogue by adding a snazzy faux fur collar. A fabulous and one-of-a-kind accessory like that is perfect for fall, winter and spring!