ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feminine Florals And Fringe

I’ve never been much of a girly girl. The color pink makes me shudder, and I can only take floral patterns in small doses on clothing. That’s exactly why I was drawn to this Fashionista’s adorable dress, which she admitted was a thrift shop hidden gem. Its sleeves featured flower detailing and fringe tips—a double whammy that packs a fashionably feminine punch.

A lover of small and unique details on outfits, I appreciate how these features were only on the sleeves so they didn’t overpower the simple beauty of the dress. It’s sort of along the lines of this dress, which only has a floral pattern at the bottom. I feel like moderation is key when it comes to patterns and details unless you want to look like a tacky mess of clashing designs. Usually, I would think that a dress with both fringe and floral is trying to cram too many trends into one piece of clothing. Because of the fact that these details were only on the sleeves, I happily let it slide.

Shift dresses like this Fashionista’s are the perfect daytime outfit for the summer because of their comfortable and breezy nature. But I have to admit that this one puts all-black shift dresses to shame as the sleeve details kick it up a notch, as do her metallic sandals.

How To: Though it’s hard to replicate this Fashionista’s nifty thrift shop steal, you can try out something like this ASOS shift dress with fringe detailing on the sleeves. Add some shiny gold sandals and a versatile bag, and you’ve got a cute daytime looks that lets you get in touch with your girly side.