ALL IN THE DETAILS: Feelin' Fringey

March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

So it’s the middle of February and the weather is in the high 60’s! Is it winter or spring? The day starts out nice and sunny, and then the cool air sets in and we are all back in our parkas. These drastic changes in the temperature are really making it difficult to find the right outfit. While the temperature might be the most frustrating and confusing thing in your life, I see it as a blessing in disguise.  It has forced me to rediscover jackets. Jackets not only add a layer for when it does get chilly, but they add texture, color and fun to any outfit. This Fashionista definitely looks like she is enjoying the weather and having fun in her fringe!

Eyes are immediately drawn to this Fashionista’s suede fringe jacket. She styles herself in boot-leg cut jeans and a white, Kate Moss tank top for a fun and comfortable girly affect. Her fringe jacket thrown on top for that extra layer adds a lot of texture and flare to her outfit. The outfit is perfectly balanced out as she keeps it simple with her blue jeans and black lace-up, sneakers, leaving the jacket to really stand out. This Fashionista keeps it simple in her accessories. Making sure not to overdo it, she wears a subtle silver T-shaped necklace and square framed glasses. Last but certainly not least, the outfit is completed with a pop of color from her red cross body bag, perfect for walking around a college town. Feeling confident in her look, this Fashionista is ready to strut out of her dorm in style!

How To: To get this look, keep it simple. Blue or black jeans leave all the attention turned towards the jacket. Whether it’s a leather, suede, military or a bomber jacket, it’s the perfect option for staying warm and adding a new twist to any outfit.