If you’ve ever watched a Wes Anderson film, you will notice that there are a lot of small details that make up his overall masterpiece. Even the costumes of his bizarre, yet captivating characters are styled to perfection. Take Margot Tenenbaum’s fur coat, striped dress and perfectly coiffed bob ensemble for instance. Not only has it made it’s mark on pop culture, it is also an extremely wearable outfit.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I was immediately reminded of the quirky details that Wes Anderson chooses in his films. Her outfit was pretty much a physical representation of one of his films. First, she made her look casual by choosing basics to make up the foundation of the outfit. A simple black dress paired with an understated leather jacket are the perfect combination for a minimalist base. This Fashionista chose a melange of unique accessories to fit together effortlessly. The brown tones in the faux fur hat complemented the red tones in her scarf. For the grand finale, she chose a pair of printed statement boots that definitely were the highlight of the whole ensemble. From head-to-toe, this Fashionista definitely hit the mark all in the details.

How To: Not sure how to mix and match accessories? Take a cue from this Fashionista and start with basics as the foundation of your outfit. Try not to be overly styled by picking solid neutral colors. Then, go for accessories that compliment each other in a way. The three basics are hat, scarf and shoes. If you’re scared that one of the accessories won’t match, only choose one statement accessory and let the rest act as a background.