This winter really hit us hard with it’s below freezing wind chill, but that doesn’t stop us Fashionistas/os from looking our best once we leave the house. You never quite know who you may run into on the streets, so leave the sweatpants and sweatshirts at home and throw on some eye-popping accessories to complete your on-the-go look. There is always a way to stay warm and look cute, especially if you add a hat or patterned scarf to your look on the way out the door.

This Fashionista is a topnotch example of how to dress for our winter season. She, too, was on the prowl, getting some artsy snaps for her photography portfolio. She uses the regular go-tos during this cold weather when it comes to layering: a windbreaker, a The North Face vest and a patterned scarf to keep all parts of her upper body warm. On the bottom she adds a pair of burgundy Dr. Martens boots and leg warmers to keep from being blown away by the freezing wind.

What caught my eye the most about this Fashionista’s look was how she topped it off with a floppy fedora. Not only is it completely adorable, but the fabric of this fedora is wool. Everyone knows that fedoras had a major takeover this past summer and now they are making an appearance in the winter season as well. There are so many different styles of fedoras. There is a straight rim, a floppy look or the commonly-known original fedora style. Fedoras are very appealing to the eye and are continuing to takeover as each season’s favorite must-have accessory.

How To: What I love about fedoras is you can throw them on with just about anything. Whether it is with an oversized cardigan, a dress or your coat, they all have a uniquely different shape and pattern that can complete any look.