ALL IN THE DETAILS: February Florals

So another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Whether you spent a romantic evening with your significant other or a night out with your best friends, I can only hope that all of your days of love were spent with loads of chocolate covered strawberries and cheesy cards. Now, even though the holiday is past, I can still feel that sense of romance around campus. Perhaps it is the ongoing result of a Valentine’s Day sugar high, or the anticipation of the nearing spring season, but whatever the case, I have been noticing a lot of lace and floral accessories. The snow might still be falling, but we’ve got roses and daisies on our brains—literally.

This Fashionista models a perfect blend of winter warmth and spring flare. She wears a long black parka with jeans and short black boots to defend herself from the Wisconsin elements, but brings in that feminine, spring feeling with her flower crown. Her white-flowered headband brings a bit of unexpected irony to the phrase “winter whites.” There are so many different variations on the flower crown that you can make work for any occasion. You can go for a subtler look by choosing a headband with smaller flowers, go for a more wintry vibe with darker floral crown or channel your inner Greek goddess by sporting a crown of golden leaves.

How To: Still reeling from Valentine’s Day weekend? Ready for some flowers to start blooming around campus? Add a bit of romance to your winter looks by throwing on a flower crown! Depending on the style, they can be worn with your favorite sweater and jeans or with a nice dress and tights. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of looks!