March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Spring is right around the corner, but some of us are not ready to part with our favorite winter trends. Along with winter came some fabulous fashion pieces such as sequins, knee-high boots and fur vests, which are clearly not going away any time soon. Faux fur vests have been making their way into everyone’s closets probably because it’s a fabulous trend. This vest is such a versatile item and will definitely become a staple item that everyone should own.

Luckily, I spotted this Fashionista making a statement walking on campus to meet with friends. This Fashionista says that she loves her fur vest and always takes any opportunity to style it a different way. She is wearing a black shift dress along with a pale pink fur vest. For shoes, she opted for a pair of black booties and wore a long stone necklace to accessorize.

While the vest was styled in a slightly dressier way, it can also be used as an accessory in a casual look. This item can be wore in so many different ways, whether the vest is paired with a dress for a nicer occasion or paired with jeans for a casual day look. You can never go wrong with a fur vest.

How To: Throw on your usual jeans and T-shirt. Then, add a fur vest to add a little more flare. As for footwear, you can wear anything from a pair of booties to a pair of wedges. Grab a bag to accessorize and you’re ready to go.